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08/01/2001 - Demand for Linux on the mainframe continues to gain momentum, with IBM notching up another win for its eServer system. This time Korean Airlines is moving its Flight Schedule Enquiry System and Daily Revenue Accounting System to Linux on IBM hardware and software.

08/01/2001 - Neale Ferguson took a break from writing Linux/390 articles, compiling 64-bit code, etc., to grace (if that's the correct adjective) us with his debut effort at Haiku SHARE session chairman recruiting. The results are at

08/02/2001 - While I was at SHARE, I was told that some of the URLS on the links page were broken. I went through them today and tried to find out if the content had just been moved, or was gone. Anything that I couldn't verify I moved into "retirement." If you know the current location of any of the MIA content, I'd appreciate an email so that I can restore the pointer on the links page.

08/13/2001 - Rodolfo Cozzi asked that I add a link to the Spanish language Linux/390 web site at unlp.edu.ar, which I've done. I checked it out myself, and one of the really cool features is that you can cause a few VM CP commands to be executed on their server, and see the output come back on a 3270-appearing "green screen" in real time. Nice job Rodolfo and Guillermo.
Rodolfo Cozzi preguntó que agrego una conexión al Web site español del lenguaje Linux/390 en unlp.edu.ar, que he hecho. Lo controlé fuera de me, y una de las características realmente frescas es que usted puede causar algunos comandos de la VM CP de ser ejecutado en su servidor, y ve la salida volverse en un 3270-appearing "pantalla verde" en tiempo real. Trabajo Rodolfo y Guillermo de Niza. (Translation by http://babelfish.altavista.com/.)

08/28/2001 - Anthony Sofia of Marist College posted a pointer to a patch against quota-2.00 that fixes a problem with the return code from getopt being assigned to the wrong variable type.

08/28/2001 - Gordon Wolfe has ported the Analog web log analyzer to Linux/390. He got the permission of Analog's author to post the binary tarball here, as well as the REAME file in PDF format.

08/28/2001 - Rich Smrcina found a KDE press release that talks about the fact that kde.org is now making pre-compiled S/390 binaries available.

08/28/2001 - Mike MacIsaac reports that the IBM Redpiece "Linux for zSeries and S/390: ISP/ASP Solutions", SG24-6299 is now on line.

08/28/2001 - David Boyes and Rich Smrcina posted this pointer to an Oracle press release stating Oracle's intention to make a "developer's release" of Oracle9i Database available for Linux/390.

08/29/2001 - "IBM Brings Linux to Wall Street." - IBM SAID TUESDAY it will work with the technology provider for the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange to move several applications used by traders and stock brokers to the Linux operating system.

08/30/2001 - "When Linux grows up, IBM glad to boot AIX" - IBM continued its vocal support of the Linux operating system Tuesday, saying the company will gladly drop its own version of Unix from servers and replace it with Linux if the software matures so that it can handle the most demanding tasks.

08/30/2001 - In a surprising (and unannounced) decision, Red Hat has removed the lcs.o and qeth.o drivers for the OSA and OSA/Express cards from their Linux/390 distribution. The only clue give the beta testers was this entry in the change log for the beta code: "- The lcs and the qeth drivers are not supported from Red Hat as they are binary-only drivers that cannot be loaded into our standard Red Hat Linux kernel and as they are not Open Source..."
This generated an angry reply from Mark Post to both the Linux-390 and Red Hat beta mailing lists, which in turn generated a fairly long thread with people on both sides of the issue raising a number of points.

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