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Last updated on Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tomcat RPMs --
IBM to Sun: "Oh, Yeah?" --
Caiman Linux for S/390 --
Caiman Linux for S/390 boot tape files --
Caiman Linux for S/390 Updates --
Caiman Linux for S/390 Installation Guide (Korean) --
Caiman Linux for zSeries Installation Guide (English) --
Caiman Linux ext3 source --
Caiman Linux ext3 updates to e2fsprogs --
Debian builddaemon for s390 ---

David Mastrobattista - Enterprise Linux on S/390 and eServer zSeries Platforms (PowerPoint format) ---

Laval University French Linux/390 Web Page ---

CICS Internet and Desktop Integration ---

PICO - the PIne COmposer - a simple editor --- - Secure Linux Laptop Distribution project --- - The Real Time Linux Portal ---

Millenux 31 Bit Emulation Packages, based on SuSE GA ---

Mini-FAQ: "antivirus software for Linux/Unix" ---

IBM REXX Family: Object REXX: Download (for free) ---

Red Hat Linux for S/390 Rawhide Alternate Download ---

Red Hat Linux for S/390 Alternate Download ---

GPL Mumps Compiler available ---

Debunking Open-Source Myths: Development and Support ---

Linux - Soon Appearing on a Mainframe Near Everyone? --- --- - Distributions: Mainframes and Clustering ---

ACTS Corp. Announces Breakthrough in Delivering Exams Over the Internet - ---

DeveloperWorks for Linux ---

IBM eServer zSeries Linux Configuration ---

IBM's Linux TV Commercial (1991 Helsinki) ---

Linux Start ---

Windows 98 FAQ ---

SuSE Executive Interview ---

Linux Kernel Source Reference ---

IBM Linux whitepapers ---

Debugging on Linux for 390 ---

HUJI-NJE in zip format ---

SuSE Linux Preliminary Version for IBM S/390 Platform Now Available forDownload ---

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for S/390 ---

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for S/390 (ftp version) ---

SuSE Linux Debuts on IBM S/390, Offering True Cross Platform Support ---

IBM dusts off mainframes ---

Will IBM Eclipse Sun? ---,4712,2555714,00.html

Linux Gets Ready For Mainframes -- SuSe and TurboLinux plan distributions for IBM's System 390 ---

IBM Hopes To Win With ZSeries ---,4164,2638784,00.html

Telia Consolidates ISP Activities on Single IBM Mainframe with Linux and Shark ---

ACTS Corp. Announces Breakthrough in Delivering Exams Over the Internet - ---

At LinuxWorld, Microsoft exec has fighting words ---,11011,2680345,00.html

IBM Buys Informix Database For $1B ---

IBM to let Linux fans use mainframe--for free ---,4586,5083323,00.html

IBM rings up another mainframe win for Linux ---,11011,2787187,00.html

Colorado State University, IBM team for tech hub ---,1002,33%257E121049,00.html

Linux hits a grand slam at home ---,4586,5098148,00.html

TELIA SEES PROFIT GROWTH (at the bottom of the page) ---

Linux Hits Home with Adoption by Finland's Sonera --

IBM looks to outcool Sun ---

Linux, Maverick of Computing, Gains Respectability With Firms ---

Can mainframers and Unix die hards get along? ---

The RPM System ---

"Interpretive Space Executive (ISX)" from EC-leasing --- -- Now at

Linux for S/390 enablement programs ---

S/390 VM & VSE Success Stories ---

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