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A little computer-related humor, in the form of a Haiku. The first is from Neale Ferguson regarding SHARE, the IBM User's Group Conference. The remaining are from Salon Magazine's contest to come up with the best MS Windows error message in that form. (They're best enjoyed if you've endured the particular pain of which they speak so eloquently.)

-- By Neale Ferguson
July 12, 2001

Taken from http://www.salon.com/21st/chal/1998/02/10chal2.html
MS Windows Computer Error Haiku Contest Results

W I N N E R S:
David Dixon
-- David Dixon

David Carlson
-- David Carlson

H O N O R A B L E   M E N T I O N S:

Owen Matthews
-- Owen Matthews

Peter Rothman
-- Peter Rothman

Chris Walsh
-- Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh
-- Chris Walsh

Pat Davis
-- Pat Davis

David J. Liszewski
-- David J. Liszewski

Charlie Gibbs
-- Charlie Gibbs

Rik Jespersen
-- Rik Jespersen

Suzie Wagner
-- Suzie Wagner

Jason Axley
-- Jason Axley

Charles Matthews
-- Charles Matthews

Nick Sweeney
-- Nick Sweeney

Mike Hagler
-- Mike Hagler

Simon Firth
-- Simon Firth

Howard Korder
-- Howard Korder

Bill Torcaso
-- Bill Torcaso

Joy Rothke
--Joy Rothke

David Ansel
-- David Ansel

James Lopez
-- James Lopez

Rahul Sonnad
-- Rahul Sonnad

Margaret Segall
-- Margaret Segall

Brian M. Porter
-- Brian M. Porter

Cass Whittington
-- Cass Whittington

Jim Griffith
-- Jim Griffith

Jennifer Jo Lane
-- Jennifer Jo Lane

Francis Heaney
-- Francis Heaney

Judy Birmingham
-- Judy Birmingham

Jason Willoughby
-- Jason Willoughby

Len Dvorkin
-- Len Dvorkin

Ian Hughes
-- Ian Hughes

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