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Linux for Big Iron

Rob van der Heij

Rob van der Heij

Rob has been involved with VM since 1982, initially as a customer, later with IBM Global Services in The Netherlands. He is currently with Velocity Software working on performance management of Linux on z/VM. His professional interests include most that can be done on VM, especially CMS Pipelines. He has been a very active plumber for more than 10 years.

Since the time Linux has been available on the mainframe Rob spends much of his time breeding penguins on VM. He is one of the authors of the IBM Redbook "Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: ISP/ASP Solutions, SG24-6299."

Rob is also the editor of the VMSHARE Archives and John Hartmann's Birthday Book websites, and is a "Knight of VM."

His personal homepage is at http://www.rvdheij.com/

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