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Linux for Big Iron

Rich Smrcina

Rich Smrcina

Rich started his carrer in 1980 working for Aldrich Chemical Company in Milwaukee, WI. Working his way up through Data Control Clerk, Operator and Programmer/Operator, he had a great interest in what those 'systems guys' did. He was given the chance to take over for one that had been let go in 1985 and accepted it.

In 1990 he joined CPU (a local consulting company) as a Systems Programmer and worked with a couple dozen VM/VSE sites in southeastern and southcentral Wisconsin. When consulting work dried up he joined Grede Foundries in 1996 as a Systems Programmer. He was quite active on various news groups and list servers and also in beta testing for various vendors (along with his side job of supporting VM and VSE).

When the opportunity came to join the Linux for S/390 Joint Study in late 1999, he jumped on it. Throughout 2000 and into 2001, he worked quite a bit with Linux for S/390 putting a small number of instances into production. In 2001, the consulting bug hit again and he joined Sytek Services where he works on VM, VSE and Linux for S/390 for a number of sites around the country.

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