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Linux for Big Iron

Ross Patterson

Ross Patterson

Ross Patterson has been involved in VM as both a systems programmer and a software developer since 1982, in Linux since before release 1.0, and has been employed in various programming and technology assessment positions in Computer Associates International, Inc. and its predecessor companies, Sterling Software and Systems Center. Since being acquired by CA, he has been working on Linux for S/390, both porting existing CA Linux products and writing new products, and performing systems programming tasks in his "spare time".

At Sterling Software, Ross worked on design, maintenance and enhancement of several VM-related products, including VMBACKUP, NoteKeeper, VMSPOOL, VM:Archiver, VM:Migrate, VM:Vantage and most recently VM:Webserver. He has also been responsible for several internal-use systems, including source code control and the common multitasking kernel.

Before joining Sterling Software, Ross was employed by Rutgers University, where he managed the VM and MVS research computing systems, and by the New Jersey Educational Computer Network, where he was responsible for maintenance and enhancement of the instructional and research computing environment.

Ross has been an active "personality" in the IBM mainframe user community for more years than he'd care to admit, giving presentations at assorted conferences, holding forth on VMSHARE and assorted mailing lists, and leading mainframe user groups. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan VM Users Association Inc., the oldest regional VM user group, and also as a member of the HillGang Steering Committee (Washington DC VM user group). Ross has also held Deputy Project Manager, Project Manager and Cluster Leader positions in several SHARE interest areas, as well as serving on assorted SHARE Senior Management committees.

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