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Linux for Big Iron

Robert Brenneman

Robert Brenneman

Jay is a Software Engineer with IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY. He hired on with IBM right after graduating from Auburn University with a BS in Computer Engineering in April of 2000. Initially hired into the OS/390 development organization to do SMP/E service on a library of all the OS/390 releases, he began playing with the early Marist system just so that he could interact with a system he actually understood. He then started working with the Linux development team in Poughkeepsie doing distribution testing for SuSE's upcoming 2.2.16 based release.

Jay currently works with the Linux Distribution Test Team 50% of the time and the OS/390 Build group the other 50% of the time. He has worked with every distribution on almost every supported 390 platform and network hardware combination (Except for CLAW. They don't have one). He appears to be the primary VM person for the team, and is developing the team's Linux/VM Clone-O-Matic. He also understands OS/390 a little better now...

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