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Linux for Big Iron

Lionel Dyck

Lionel Dyck

Lionel was born in Long Beach, California, in 1953 and grew up to enter data processing as a clerk in 1973 for Prudential Insurance in Los Angeles. While there he developed into a senior MVT then MVS systems programmer. He left for the 'dark side' for 18 months to work for IBM as an SE and then returned to the real world in 1981 working for Rockwell International in Seal Beach California, where he first encountered VM as a service to run MVS test systems for checkout.

In the early 1990's he encountered the TAMU distribution of Linux and stumbled with it on his PC for several months with no success. In late 1994 he suffered the fate of many in our industry and was "right sized" from Rockwell but he landed on his feet with with Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek California (near San Francisco) as a Lead MVS systems programmer and no longer had access to VM.

In January 2001 he was chartered to investigate Linux for S/390 and has been attempting to learn both Linux and z/VM since, while still doing OS/390 (and soon z/OS) systems programming. He is the author of many freeware programs for the mainframe which can be found on his web site at http://www.lbdsoftware.com.

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