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Linux for Big Iron

Kris Van Hees

Kris Van Hees

After a short involvement with civil engineering (BS degree), Kris quickly went over to the dark side with a BS and MS in computer science. During his time at the university, he spent way too much time playing with the local 3090. The VM NNTP server was one of the results of that. At the same time, as soon as Linux was born, he got involved with it, as part of a group of students that decided to spend their spare time on porting it to the PS/2 with MCA, ESDI disks and a tokenring interface.

After working in the development of realtime risk management systems and their databases (mainly concerning replication) for about 3 years, he moved on to enterprise development in Java (while C still remained his language of choice), first as a senior programmer, later as division manager.

And then came Sine Nomine Associates with a job as Principal Engineer, and the ability to marry the old interest in big iron to an almost as old interest in Linux.

Kris has been married since 1998 to his lovely wife Kathy. They share their life with a golden retriever (Saffron), a yellow labrador (Cassidy), and two cats (Simba and Sebastian). Kris spends a decent part of his copious spare time on computer science research (programming language development).

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