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Linux for Big Iron

Jim Sibley

Jim Sibley

Jim Sibley is a Software Engineer (read systems programmer) at IBM's Silicon Valley Labs SEEL (SVL Emerging Environments Lab). The SEEL team is responsible for providing lab environments for DB2, IMS, and web servers for systems test and performance evaluation during the software product development cycle. This includes s/360 offspring, RISC, Intel, AIX, and "other" platforms. Jim has specialized in Linux for the last couple of years, though his duties include z/OS and a bit of all the rest.

He started as an applications programmer in 1970 on various platforms and moved to systems programming for OS/360 and offspring in 1975. Since joining IBM in 1989, his assignments have included performance measurement of DASD subsystems during the development phase, National Technical Support for I/O subsystem software, and DFSMS migration in customer locations worldwide.

Jim is the author of REBA, a dasd subsystem measurement tool for Linux, based on the BONNIE tool, which focuses on non-cached DASD driver performance.

Before IBM, Jim worked for San Diego Gas and Electric in computer performance analysis and configuration design, Amdahl in OS systems support and test for 470 and 580, Pacific Telephone in OS systems support, and Exxon, programming engineering applications.

Jim graduated in Math at UCLA in 1972, where the first computer he programmed was a 7040 in assembler. His college career was interrupted by a stint at the pleasure of the US Army. Jim is a second generation computer aficionado, his father having started out on the Johnniac at Rand in the early 50's.

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