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Linux for Big Iron

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

I graduated from the University of Colorado in 1975 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I worked for Neodata Services in Boulder from 75 to 79. In 1979 I was hired by Information Industries Inc. and sent to a 10 week class to learn all about a system called ACP (Now called TPF). They placed me at United Airlines under contract. United hired me in January 1980. I started working on VM in 1982 and have been there ever since. The latest incarnation of the company is called Galileo International and was bought by Cendant in Oct. 2001. Cendant chose to outsource the operations and systems programming staff to IBM Global Services, so I am now an IBMer. This was quite a surprise. I downloaded Linux for 390 from Marist when it was first available and have been fooling around with it ever since under our VM system. We have about a dozen Linux systems now.

We have two children both of whom are in college now. That's why I seem to be broke all the time. We enjoy sailing our 24 foot sailboat on Colorado lakes in the summer. They get a little stiff in the winter, though. I also play a little bass guitar for fun.

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