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Dougie Lawson

Dougie Lawson

Dougie Lawson works in the IBM United Kingdom Software Support Centre. His role there is to provide Q&A support to S/390 customers running IMS, DB2 and Linux. After leaving high school in 1981 he worked for National Westminster Bank PLC for twelve and a half years. Most of the time there was as an IMS/DB2 Systems Programmer. He left NatWest in 1994 and joined IBM. He has worked with IMS since 1982.

Dougie has had an interest in computers since the late 1970's and built his first computer (a Sinclair ZX80) in 1981 and second (a microtan 65) in 1983.

His hobbies include cycling, walking, astronomy and his classic 1952 CitroŽn Light 15.

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