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Linux for Big Iron

Alan Altmark

Alan Altmark

Alan Altmark received his B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Missouri - Rolla in 1982, and immediately joined IBM as a member of the VM development team in Endicott, NY. His first assignment was to provide 3380 dasd support to CMS. He subsequently worked on GCS, CMS performance, and the CMS Shared File System.

In 1987 Alan transferred to VM System Test, with an emphasis on networking. Finally, in 2001 he moved back into a development position where he is an active VM designer and developer. At the same time Alan became the focal point within the VM development lab for issues related to running Linux as a guest on VM. He has moved on, and now has responsibility to oversee VM security issues and strategy.

Alan is a regular speaker at VM Technical Conferences, WAVV, and local VM user groups, and is currently an IBM representative to SHARE.

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