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09/03/2002 - Neale Ferguson posted a note about a new Redbook on "SAP on DB2 UDB for OS/390 and z/OS: Implementing Application Servers on Linux for zSeries."

09/04/2002 - Tung-Sing Chong of IBM reported that the "The redpaper for cloning zLinux images by using VQDIO is available... This redpaper is based from the LinuxWorld zLinux cloning example (using IUCV) that I released in 5/5/2002."

09/06/2002 - In response to a question about compilers, and limitations thereof, for Linux/390, Jim Elliott reported that a company named Stryon markets a VisualBasic to Java converter. Their web site doesn't mention that specifically but they do have a number of products that convert applications to Java.

Halcyon Software and Stryon have merged, so a number of the Halcyon products have been "inherited" by Stryon.

09/09/2002 - David Boyes contributed links to two articles on the Internation Herald Tribune web site about governments encouraging the use of Open Source software to promote local developers, and about IT managers in Europe taking a hard look at Open Source products versus MS products for security reasons.

09/10/2002 - Franco Fiorese contributed a link to an SGI press release about one of their new 64-processor Linux systems breaking a record in the STREAM Triad benchmark, which tests memory bandwidth performance. They were claiming linear scalability up to the 64 processors, using Intel Itanium 2 processors. No mention was made of what version of Linux was being used in the machine.

09/10/2002 - During a discussion about security weaknesses in Microsoft products, and other operating systems, Alan Altmark of IBM commented "Anyone interested in how z/VM uses the zSeries hardware facilities to maintain the security and integrity of the system and its guests may wish to read the z/VM Security and Integrity technical paper..."

09/11/2002 - Paul Matthews noted that SlickEdit had put out a press release declaring the availability of their Visual SlickEdit product for Linux/390. The company describes the product as a "multi-platform, multi-language editing environment." According to the web site, "14 platforms and over 30 programming languages" are supported.

09/11/2002 - In response to a question about FTP mirrors for Debian that contained .iso images for Linux/390, Stefan Gybas replied with a place to find the list, but cautioned that some of them only have the older 2.2 release. He listed four European sites that he knew for sure contained the 3.0 release and had .iso files for Linux/390.

09/12/2002 - In response to a question about the availability of commercial firewall products for Linux/390, Malcolm Beattie mentioned StoneGate from Stonesoft, and zGuard from FBit. The Stonesoft web site only talks about Intel, SPARC, and appliance hardware support, not S/390, though. The zGuard product is directed at S/390 and zSeries systems.

09/12/2002 - Mark Post reported that he had added the Debian/390 distribution contents to the "Distribution Contents" page, and had updated the Red Hat list to reflect the GA code instead of the RC2 version that had been there previously. (Better late than never.) He also commented that the Debian list had not been incorporated into the consolidated list because of its size (4MB).

09/14/2002 - Karl Schlitt sent a note to the Red Hat Linux/390 mailing list outlining how he had installed the Tivoli Storage Manager RPM on a Red Hat Linux/390 system. Mark Post sent a note to the Linux/390 mailing list indicating that it had been added to the HOWTO page. Mark also commented that the method was a little on the brute force side. Using the --nodeps option would probably have been just as effective.

09/16/2002 - Neale Ferguson discovered the latest IBM Redbook on Linux/390, "Linux on zSeries and S/390: Large Scale Linux Deployment, SG24-6824-00," had been released. The first paragraph of the abstract states:
This IBM Redbook discusses techniques available for building a large farm of Linux servers running under z/VM (a "penguin colony"). It has been developed for system administrators and I/T architects who are responsible for developing optimized solutions for large Linux systems installed on IBM zSeries and S/390 machines.

09/16/2002 - Dave Jones reported a joint IBM and Red Hat press release announcing a global alliance between the two companies to deliver enterprise Linux solutions. Red Hat will be responsible for delivering their Advanced Server platform for all of IBM's platforms, and IBM Global Services will provide support for it. The announcement sounded very much like a similar agreement between IBM and SuSE Linux for their SLES product.

09/16/2002 - Tom Geyer relayed a tip from the Boeblingen lab on how to tell if the "timer patch" is installed and working on your system. The method is only useful when running on VM, since it depends on using the CP trace facility. Start a CP trace on an idle system with this command:
#cp cpu all trace ext 1004 run
If the timer patch is not installed, your console will be filled with 100 messages every second (multiplied by the number of processors defined to your guest). If it is installed, it will be much less than that, perhaps only a few per second. Stop the trace with this command:
#cp cpu all trace end

09/16/2002 - Gerhard Hiller of IBM reported the following updates to the DeveloperWorks web site:

  • Changes to the "May 2002 stream"
    • Several packages in the "May 2002 stream" have been updated. Therefore the previous "May 2002 stream" pages are now archived at:
      Please use the bookmark for this page (and all the other "current2_4_17-may2002" pages) ONLY FOR archive-checking!
    • Kernel 2.4.19 patch with matching "On-Demand Timer" patch, OCO-modules, and kerntypes (replacing kernel 2.4.17)
    • binutils (replacing
    • gcc 3.2
    • glibc 2.2.5 patch
    • strace 4.4 (replacing 4.2)
    • The new experimental CLAW device driver.
  • Changes to the "August 2001 stream"
    • A corrected kernel 2.4.7 IUCV-patch of 2002-08-16, which now applies in the standard manner.
    • Please note that the 2002-08-16 kernel 2.4.17 IUCV-patch is broken. We will fix this soon. Sorry!
    • A kernel 2.4.7 bug-fix plus a new (adapted) On-demand timer-patch. Please apply the CORRECTED IUCV-patch before adding these two new patches.
    • Note: With the introduction of the "August 2001 stream" (2002-08-08), a back-level version of the gcc-2.95.3.s390 patch was linked; this was corrected 2002-09-13.
Note that the "Download area" has been cleaned up, so that downloads which are no longer needed for the updated "May 2002 stream" are removed. Please UPDATE your BOOKMARKS to the above link, if you want to stay up-to-date!

09/16/2002 - There was some discussion about products on Linux/390 that would provide some functionality resembling VSAM. While there are none that will work with actual VSAM datasets, several other options are available for non-sequential access to data. Most them them are "ISAM-like" in nature, and includes the Berkeley DB product from Sleepycat, and c-tree from FairCom. Scott Courtney provided the URL to the FairCom web site. Jim Elliott of IBM also replied that Informix C-ISAM is available for Linux/390 as well. Even though the main web page doesn't mention it, the PDF document does.

09/17/2002 - Neale Ferguson noted that the IBM Java 1.4 JDK/JRE was now available.

09/18/2002 - Questions about the ability to create a VM Named Shared Segment (NSS) came up again, and this time, Alan Altmark of IBM replied that Steve Shultz, also of IBM and the developer of the shared kernel support, had prepared some information for SHARE, and that a HOWTO-type document was being readied. Steve later put the information on IBM's "z/VM and Linux for zSeries Resources" page, and I have linked to it from the HOWTO page on this site.

09/19/2002 - Lionel Dyck reported an article on an O'Reilly web site about an European Union research project into the benefits of "Free/Libre and Open Source Software" (FLOSS). One of the findings of the study was that cost savings was low on the list of reasons for using Open Source software. The highest ranking reasons were all related to quality.

09/20/2002 - Jim Elliott of IBM reported that the beta version of DB2 UDB V8.1 for Linux/390 is now available for downloading.

09/20/2002 - Daniel Jarboe recommended that people having printing problems upgrade to Samba 2.2.5, and install the samba-2.2.5-printing.patch. He also noted that Samba 2.2.6 should be released soon.

09/22/2002 - Jim Rich of BEA announced that WebLogic Server 7.0 with Service Pack 1 is now available for download.

09/23/2002 - Mark Post passed on the URL to two IBM documents titled "Porting UNIX Applications to Linux - Hints and Tips," and "Technical guide for porting applications from Solaris to Linux, version 1.0." He also commented that the technical guide actually had some technical details in it.

09/24/2002 - In response to a request for examples of Linux use in the health care industry, Phil Payne recommended the Linux Med News web site as a place to start. paultz@ucia.gov recalled seeing something in this month's "Linux Line", and Mark Post tracked down the specific URL. Jon Doyle of Sendmail mentioned that his company had "done" HealthNET on Intel Linux, but didn't provide a URL.

09/24/2002 - Lionel Dyck provided the URL to a tool on IBM's "alphaWorks" web site, called PortingManager. According to the site, "PortingManager is a tool that provides assistance when porting C and C++ Solaris applications to Linux platforms, including zSeries Linux." Lionel warned that he hadn't tested the tool, since he doesn't program in C or C++.

09/25/2002 - The "Linux in health care" thread strayed off onto a tangent about replacing Microsoft email servers with something else. Bynari's Insight server was mentioned, but David Boyes mentioned a company named Steltor that had been acquired by Oracle, and their product technology being being folded into Oracle's Collaboration Suite. David commented that "Oracle appears to have made a good acquisition with this one."

09/25/2002 - Dave Jones reported a press release on the Regal Entertainment Group adopting Linux-based Point of Sale terminals for the concession stands in their movie theaters. The press release also mentioned that Regal was testing a new Linux-based in-theater kiosk system for ticket sales.

09/25/2002 - Due to a difference in where Linux distributions were putting their 64-bit shared libraries, some people were having problems compiling gcc (and possibly other packages). For gcc, Ulrich Weigand offered a workaround for people whose Linux distribution put the 64-bit libraries in /usr/lib64:
"As a quick workaround, you can add the line
#define MD_STARTFILE_PREFIX "/usr/lib64"
to the file gcc/config/s390/s390x.h.

"This is not a complete solution, but it will work on /usr/lib64-style distros like SuSE. (B.t.w. if you look into the SuSE gcc source RPM, you'll find a patch doing just that.)"

09/26/2002 - In response to a request on where to find information on creating a "log host," Jere Julian recommended the Linux Security web site.

09/30/2002 - Neale Ferguson reported a news article stating that SuSE Linux had been named a SAP technology partner, and the first Linux company to be so named.

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