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11/02/2001 - David Boyes published this URL with the comment "This would be a really good IBM ad...." IBM is creating a series of short (132KB) Flash animations. The web page says that IBM is doing it for our enjoyment. They're not bad. The four there so far are entitled "Evolution," "Passion," "Penguinstein" and "Meditation."

11/05/2001 - Neale "All I really do is read Linux news web sites" Ferguson reported this story which says that Red Hat is going to be going GA with their Linux/390 distribution "in the next 30 days."

11/09/2001 - Vince Re of Computer Associates published a pointer to a web page that contains information about a lot of CA's Linux/390 products, including GA ones as well as Betas.

11/10/2001 - Axel Wirbser of IBM announced a number of new patches available for 2.4.7:

  • Recommended patches for kernel 2.4.7 and s390 tools with fixes provided along with:
  • Recommended 31-bit and 64-bit OCO-modules lcs, qdio, qeth with bug-fixes.
  • Experimental kernel 2.4.7 patch for "order 2 allocation relief" for 64-bit. This patch is very S/390 specific (breaking all other architectures) and should only be applied when building a 64-bit kernel. The patch is not compatible with the "on-demand timer" patch and requires special OCO-modules.
  • 64-bit experimental OCO-modules lcs, qdio, and qeth compiled with the "order 2 allocation relief" patch.
  • The 31-bit z90crypt OCO module which has been updated with bug fixes, but it remains experimental. (No 64-bit version of z90crypt available.)

11/10/2001 - Karl Huf reported that Tantia is porting their Harbor backup software to Linux/390. It has just entered beta testing at this time. He also stated that neither the port nor the beta test are mentioned anywhere on Tantia's web site as of yet.

11/10/2001 - Herve Allen of Turbolinux announced "We've just made available on our ftp site two new sets of iso images for Linux for zSeries and S/390. The first one is a beta update to our current GA that includes things like netmask settings for CTC during install (fixes Samba issues), Gigabit ethernet during install, IBM's JFS, etc.
The second image is an alpha version of our distro that includes kernel 2.4.7 and glibc 2.2.4. We recompiled all the installed packages with glibc 2.2.4 and have included most of our previous updates as well."
He also cautioned "For our 2.4.7 alpha you really have to read the errata.txt file that you will see in the FTP download folder. This is critical for correct network setup."

11/12/2001 - Lionel Dyck reported a number of different articles about Linux/390 that have been published in NaSPAs Technical Support Magazine and that are now available online. Some of them are by people active on the mailing list, such as Lionel himself, and Adam Thornton.

The Evolution of Linux on the S/390 Platform
Linux Scalability Testing: Part 1 - The "Test Plan Charlie" Scenario
Enterprise Printing with Linux: Part 1- The Basics of Linux and Generic Unix Printing
Enterprise Printing with Linux: Part 2 - Advanced Printing and S/390 Resources
Enterprise Mail Servers with Linux: Part II - Supporting POP3 Clients
Enterprise Mail Servers with Linux: Part III - Remote Mailbox Access Using IMAP
How to Route VM Hosted Linux Through TCP/IP: A User Experience
High-End Linux - At What Price?
Enterprise Directory Servers: Part II - Installing and Configuring OpenLDAP on Linux/390
Enterprise Directory Servers: Part IV: LDAP Client Tools
Linux on S/390 and zSeries: Getting Started

11/12/2001 - Jens Sandmann of SuSE posted a link to a SuSE announcement that the long-awaited update to their Linux/390 distribution would be available by the end of November. Based on a 2.4 kernel, the update will support S/390 as well as zSeries processors.

11/13/2001 - Colman Fink posted a link to an article the number of IBM customers who are piloting Linux/390.

11/13/2001 - In response to a question about ASP (Active Server Pages) support in Linux/390, several people pointed out the asp2php package which will do a one-time conversion of ASP to PHP.

11/14/2001 - Jim Sibley posted the URL for an article about an internal Microsoft memo that describes Linux as "the threat" to Microsoft.

11/14/2001 - Herve Allen of Turbolinux posted a short cookbook to getting Webmin installed from source on Turbolinux's 6.0 and 6.5 platforms.

11/15/2001 - Mark Post reported that he and Bradley Snyder of IBM had been working on a problem where one of Bradley's customers had made a dynamic IODF update to add some new CHPIDs and DASD to a Linux/390 partition, and then were unable to get the new hardware to be recognized by Linux. An LPAR de-activation and re-activation was done, with no good results. Finally, a Power On Reset (POR) was done, and everything worked fine. Bradley had a problem record open with the IBM hardware support team about this.

11/16/2001 - Thanks to Lionel Dyck, we now have PDF versions of two presentations that are in Microsoft PowerPoint format. The two presentations are Rick Troth's "Samba - just a quick look," and Ross Patterson's "User Experiences with Linux for System/390."

11/19/2001 - Neale Ferguson posted a link to an article about IBM's Linux Technology Center in Canberra.

11/19/2001 - Peter Bishop posted a link to the very long-awaited download of Oracle's Developer Release 9.0.1 for Linux/390. Mark Post followed up with a pointer to the release notes. Oracle documents the release as having been tested on SuSE with a 2.4.7 kernel and gcc 2.95.3. Oracle makes no claims that it will work on any other platform.

11/19/2001 - Neale Ferguson posted the URL to an article on Linux/390, including some of the early "history" of the resistance to the platform within IBM upper management.

11/20/2001 - Guess who? posted the URL to an article on Linux/390 which follows up on Telia; what business needs drove them to look at replacing their Sun servers, how IBM sold them on Linux/390, and what some of the financial benefits have been. Mark Post posted one of the links at the bottom of the article which is a PDF file of an IBM presentation on the deal and how it happened.

11/21/2001 - Florian La Roche of Red Hat announced that their version of Linux/390 is now classified as Release Candidate 2, and is now available in a non-"rawhide" version. ISO images (a total of four) are also available. Braver souls can continue to download their software from the rawhide directories.

11/21/2001 - In response to a question about web application servers, Geoffrey O'Callaghan posted a link to an Open Source application server named JBoss. Samy Rengasamy, the original questioner, in turn posted a link to the WebApp module for Apache. According to the web site, WebApp "is a module for the 1.3.x version of the Apache HTTPd Web Server, which allows the deployment of Servlet Web Applications under Apache."

11/23/2001 - Wilson Gil posted a link to an article about Amdahl IT services starting to offer a "mainframe to Solaris" migration service.

11/23/2001 - David Mastrobattista of the Giga Information Group graciously provided me with a copy of his Linux/390 presentation in PDF format for this site. Although he has given me permission to host it here, it is still copyright Giga Information Group. Be aware that it is fairly large at 1.9MB. With this addition, all the presentations on this site are now available for viewing without needing any Microsoft-specific software.

11/26/2001 - Mark Post found an article on IBM's DeveloperWorks site on how to use RPM to package software.

11/26/2001 - The Tivoli Storage Manager client for Linux/390 now has a version 4.2 available.

11/27/2001 - Axel Wirbser of IBM reported some updates for Linux/390:

  • Recommended patches for kernel 2.4.7 with fixes provided along with:
  • Recommended 31-bit and 64-bit OCO-modules lcs, qdio, geth with bug-fixes.
  • Experimental 2.4.7 with 64-bit OCOs lcs/qdio/qeth for "order 2 allocation relief patch"
  • Documentation 2.4 with updated 31- and 64-bit "Device Drivers and Installation Commands" manuals describing HiperSockets (no longer in separate manual), dasdview with updates for fdasd, zipl, and OSA-EXPRESS

11/27/2001 - Gregory MacDonald gave some good tips on getting performance information out of the TSM client.

11/27/2001 - Neale Ferguson reported an article on Red Hat committing to support for Linux on all of IBM's hardware lines.

11/28/2001 - David Boyes posted a link to "a cookbook article on setting up a cross-compilation environment for Linux/390 on an Intel system." The article was written by Kris Van Hees (also of Sine Nomine Associates).

11/28/2001 - Mark Post reported an article on IBM reaching a settlement with the city of San Francisco on cleanup costs and fines for IBM's "peace love and Linux" campaign there.

11/28/2001 - Mark Post reported an article on Red Hat's approaching GA of their Linux/390 distribution. The article the software would be on Red Hat's FTP server on 11/29/2001, but as of 12/6/2001 that still has not yet happened.

11/28/2001 - Mark Post reported an article reviewing Red Hat's 7.2 platform and SuSE's 7.3 version:
"But the new distributions aren't all about saving money: The two companies are also offering plenty of appealing features for enterprises. Red Hat's newest release, Version 7.2, brings several updates to the core functionality of the product, including built-in journaling file system support, and improved virtual memory management. Likewise, SuSE 7.3 offers greatly enhanced usability and a smooth migration path for shops that haven't yet fully committed to Linux.

"The new products scored well in our tests; each earning a Deploy rating."

Lionel Dyck reported a slightly different version of the article by the same authors.

11/28/2001 - Neale Ferguson created a PDF document "that contains most of what's found in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/s390. I've just done some wordsmithing, formatting, and prettying up." It's a little large at 1.2MB, but it can be found here:

11/28/2001 - Neale Ferguson reported an article on IBM's DeveloperWorks regarding "the specifics of the PKCS #11 implementation to IBM cryptographic hardware (openCryptoki) that is available in open source form here on developerWorks." The support is for both Intel and S/390 hardware. The subtitle of the article is "API allows interfacing between cryptographic hardware and user space applications."

11/29/2001 - Ross Patterson reported an IBM case study "involving IBM's DB2 Universal Data Base and CA's AllFusion Erwin products on Linux/390."

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