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10/02/2001 - Mark Post came across an article from back in July that talks about Newell Rubbermaid implementing Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) on Linux/390.

10/02/2001 - Mark Post came across a Linux/390 presentation by David Mastrobattista of Giga Information Group, an industry analyst that follows Linux/390 pretty closely.

10/02/2001 - Back in July, Matt Zimmerman published a pointer to a performance comparison of the ext2, ext3, jfs, reiserfs, vfat, and xfs file systems on Linux. The link finally started to work, so we're just now publicizing the URL.

10/03/2001 - Rob van der Heij posted a pointer to his presentation on "X-Windows Configuration on Linux for S/390" for the z/VM, VSE and Linux Technical Conference in Jacksonville, Florida on May 7, 2001.

10/04/2001 - Phil Tully reported that he had installed iASP (instant ASP) from Halcyon Software. The initial tests appeared successful.

10/04/2001 - Jim Elliott sent in a pointer to an overview of DB2 Connect, in response to a number of questions about the product.

10/07/2001 - Jim Sibley reported that a microcode upgrade to his G6 mainframe resulted in the same error that others had experienced with their z900. To run their QDIO cards, they had to start providing a port name to the driver. He also discovered that providing the port name before the microcode update generated a similar, if not identical error:

qeth: received an IDX TERMINATE on irq 0x3C3E/0x3C3F with cause code 0x22
He concluded that "the change to the qeth options must be coordinated with the mcl change."

10/08/2001 - Rick Troth agreed to have his Samba presentation from SHARE 97 put on the linuxvm.org web site. It can be found here:

10/09/2001 - In response to Rob Van der Heij shooting himself in the foot, Matt Zimmerman put in a patch request to debian.org to prevent the mkswap command from writing to an already-mounted disk.

10/11/2001 - Neale Ferguson posted a URL to a news article that the Sonera Entrum ISP in Finland had decided to replace 60 Windows® NT and Sun servers with Linux/390.

10/11/2001 - Oliver Paukstadt of Millenux announced an update of the ThinkBlue/64 distribution to version 7.1a, consisting of the same things as version 7.1, but with all the updates integrated.

10/11/2001 - Mark Post posted a summary of a new advertisement by Sun Microsystems that attacks Linux/390. The PDF file is a little large (213KB) but can be found here:

10/12/2001 - After recovering from his self-inflicted foot injury, Rob van der Heij posted a URL to a step-by-step process on how to upgrade a SuSE 7.0 system to a 2.4.7 kernel. To quote Rob: "Do understand that the 2.4.7 patches are still very fresh and you may get all kind of trouble doing so. Read the warning signs with the patches on the web site. It is fun to kick the tires, but do consider a distribution for your production Linux systems."

10/12/2001 - Olivier Fleurigeon reported a tool named CheckInstall: "this tool create a binary package (tgz, rpm or deb) from any source package. instead of typing : make install, or an_install_command, you type :

checkinstall ( or checkinstall an_install_command )
and it's done. your newly compiled package is installed, and a binary package is ready to be installed elsewhere... I happily use that on linux/386 and linux/390, and thought it deserved publicity"

10/12/2001 - Despina Papadopoulou announced that patches for 2.4.7 are now available from the IBM DeveloperWorks site for both S/390 and zSeries, and that an updated HiperSockets Device Driver manual is available. Some additional notes:

  • Starting with microcode level 0146, OSA-Express QDIO cards require a portname to be set in the device driver. This portname is specified using "add_parms,0x10,portname:FOOBAR" (more details in the chandev man page).
  • The 2001-09-14 z90crypt OCO-module (Crypto Device Driver) remains experimental and unchanged.

10/12/2001 - Despina Papadopoulou announced that structure of the IBM Linux/390 site had been changed, and that everyone should update their bookmarks. It appears that the "alpha" designation for newer patches has been retired. There are only links to "recommended" and "experimental." The OCO modules are available on the same pages as the source patches. The primary entry to the site is now:

10/13/2001 - Neale Ferguson posted a note that Samba 2.2.2 was now available. He included the release notes from the Samba development team.

10/16/2001 - Jim Elliott announced "The IBM Java 1.2.2 and 1.3.0 JDKs for Linux for S/390 are now available for download from SuSE's FTP server at:

10/17/2001 - Neale Ferguson posted the URL to an article about Sun and IBM taking ideas from each others' technology.

10/17/2001 - In response to a query, Jim Elliott posted this URL to IBM's information on running Linux on AS/400 systems, now named "iseries." (Well, this is the URL that finally came up after all the internal web server redirections.) Other people mentioned that SuSE sells a Linuxppc distribution. Mark Post pointed to two other (related) web sites as well.

10/17/2001 - Mark Post found yet another article about IBM selling it's 1,000th zSeries processor.

10/17/2001 - Ross Patterson posted a URL to an article about stock analysts raising price targets for companies that sell hardware and software for the S/390 mainframe. This included IBM (of course), CA (hi Ross!), BMC (hi Rick!), and others. The reason it was relevant to the mailing list was the last paragraph: "This mainframe capacity increase is not simply based on running the same software at a higher clock speed, McPeake wrote. "Running Linux Virtual Machines to emulate multiple servers, a single mainframe can run the equivalent of hundreds of individual UNIX servers at once, with higher reliability and lower costs than a distributed server system."

10/18/2001 - In response to a lot of discussion on how to automate the shutdown of a lot of Linux/390 systems, David Boone reported that his company (GreenLight Advantage) has a product named AdminUX that includes that capability, among a lot of other things. Malcolm Beattie replied that he has developed a small kernel module that will allow a Linux/390 daemon to detect that a specific external interrupt has been received, and start the shutdown process.

10/19/2001 - Neale Ferguson was the first to report yet another news article about Linux/390. This one discusses IBM extending support for Linux on the z900 servers, in particular handling lots of secure transactions. Another take on it is available at Linuxworld.

10/19/2001 - Mark Post reported that a company named ITC is now offering commercial support for Linux/390 distributions in DDR format on 3490 tape, and CD-ROMS.

10/19/2001 - Mark Post reported that the Sine Nomine web site has a bunch of OpenAFS patches, and Rob van der Heij's source RPM for VNC for Linux/390.

10/25/2001 - There were numerous articles about Boscov's Department Stores moving to Linux/390, reported by Colman Fink, Mark Post, and Neale Ferguson.

10/26/2001 - In possible retaliation for Sun Microsystems' advertisement attacking Linux/390, IBM published a "Solaris to Linux Porting Guide." It includes reasons why you might want to migrate from Solaris to Linux, issues you might encounter along the way, and a "roadmap" on how to get there.

10/28/2001 - David Boyes reported that Oracle finally put up their survey for devlopers to register interest in the Linux/390 port of their DBMS. The URL given below will also be the location for the Oracle 9i DB Developer Release when it comes available. The data collected will validate even further their decision to make this product available. (Note, when I followed the link below, I wound waiting and retrying quite a bit.)

10/29/2001 - Rod Clayton posted a request for information on how script an http session from the client side. One of the items that came in response was a pointer to cURL, the "client that groks URLs." From the webpage:
"Curl is a tool for transferring files with URL syntax, supporting FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, GOPHER, TELNET, DICT, FILE and LDAP. Curl supports HTTPS certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading, kerberos, HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, user+password authentication, file transfer resume, http proxy tunneling and a busload of other useful tricks."

10/29/2001 - Mark Post reported a short article about new company named lindows.com. Quoting the article:
"A start-up is offering a Linux-based operating system that will run Microsoft software applications.

"Inventively called Lindows and based on the Wine project it offers users a graphical interface and claims to be user-friendly enough for beginners to install."

10/29/2001 - Dennis Andrews of UTS Global posted an announcement of their new Backup and Restore software package for Linux/390. This provides yet another alternative to people who are upset with Tivoli's lack of responsiveness to their customers' needs.

10/30/2001 - Dick Waite gave a pointer to a Linux variant of an OS/2 and Windows® tool (ZtreeBold), named UnixTree. UnixTree is a console-mode filemanager for Unix and Linux systems.
http://www.xtreefanpage.org (Warning, the color scheme on this site is very ugly.)

10/30/2001 - Despina Papadopoulou posted a "recommended" alpha patch for Linux-2.2.16. Quoting Despina:
"This patch contains a fix for the DASD device driver and should be applied by anyone using FBA DASD devices."

10/30/2001 - Thomas Emde asked about methods to keep user passwords synchronized across multiple systems. In addition to recommendations for NIS, and LDAP, Ross Patterson posted that Computer Associates has a product called eTrust Access Control that will do this, among other things, and is available in versions for Linux/x86 and Linux/390.

10/30/2001 - James Dorsey posted the following link in response to a question about Linux image cloning/management software. The web page states "SystemImager software automates the installation of Linux to masses of similar machines."

10/31/2001 - Despina Papadopoulou posted a notice that "An updated HiperSockets Support manual can be found on developerWorks, under Documentation 2.4. The update includes major editorial revisions. No new code is associated with the update."

10/31/2001 - Robert Matthews posted the following link in response to a question about rpl. From the web page:
"Price: $0 (Copyrighted FreeWare)
rpl is a UN*X text replacement utility. It will replace strings with new strings in multiple text files. It can work recursively over directories and supports limiting the search to specific file suffixes."

10/31/2001 - Neale Ferguson posted a link to an article about Linux and Linux/390, "IBM Roils Linux Waters."

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