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09/14/2001 - Volker Sameske of IBM posted a note that "Alpha patches and OCO modules for linux-2.4.7 are now available for on DeveloperWorks." Ross Patterson actually read the release notes and discovered: "The 2001-09-11 kernel 2.4.7 patches include the new "on-demand timer" which introduces a kernel configuration option CONFIG_NO_HZ_TIMER that lets you choose between the regular 100 Hertz timer and the new on-demand timer. The on-demand timer should improve throughput on z/VM systems running many, mostly idle LINUX for S/390 guests. It may slightly impact performance running LINUX for S/390 in other situations under VM (for example a few heavily loaded images), in LPAR, or in native mode."
This is apparently the follow-up to the "no jiffies" patch and discussion of some months ago.

09/14/2001 - Lonny Sivey posted a note to remind everyone that if you are trying to install Suse Linux/390, and you don't have a PC running Linux, "you can boot the recovery system on the SuSE CD1 disk on a PC, and manually load the needed modules to get your lan connection going. Then logon and ifconfig the eth0 device followed by a command to create the routes. The recovery system automatically starts an anon nfs server for you. Put the CDROM in, and issue "mount /dev/hdc /cdrom". That's how I got it to install."

09/17/2001 - Oliver Paukstadt of Millenux announced that Millenux was releasing a 2.4.7 kernel for their ThinkBlue/64 distribution, and that they were also providing an experimental kernel patch to support the ext3 file system.

09/17/2001 - Hervey Allen of Turbolinux announced that they now have "download center" for Linux/390 "that includes ISO's for our current Server 6.5 product (kernel 2.2.19), our 6.0 product (kernel 2.2.16), updates to both these products, beta software (kernel 2.4.5 based, new features not fully tested for current release, and upcoming 2.4 kernel betas), as well as some HOWTO's, documents, etc. To download software you need to register first at: http://www.turbolinux.com/products/s390/s390reg.php3."

09/18/2001 - David Boyes posted a link to an article about Telia showing increased profits. The increase was attributed, in part, "to the return to profitability of its...Internet service units." David added his commentary: "Guess that virtual server thing wasn't a fad after all....8-)" The URL he posted has changed. The article is now located at http://www.iht.com/articles/32886.htm.

09/18/2001 - IBM announced that IFL (Integrated Facility for Linux) CPUs are now available for the Multiprise 3000.

09/24/2001 - IBM announced that it had sold its 1,000th z900 processor. Strangely enough, it was to a customer that was planning to run lots of Linux/390 images under VM to get rid of a farm of Windows® NT servers. :)

09/24/2001 - Gabriel Goldberg, of Computers and Publishing, Inc. posted a note to the mailing list soliciting input for a new article he's writing: "I'm interested in what people are doing or planning to do with mainframe Linux, how it's being integrated into mainframe workloads, how Linux economics compares with traditional cost of computing, etc." He provided a pointer to a previous article he had written on Linux390: http://www.compecon.com/content/it/exec010805.html.

09/24/2001 - Willem Konynenberg posted a pointer to an article written by Steven Bourne, the author of the Bourne Shell titled "An Introdution to the UNIX Shell." It can be found at: http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/users/reriksso/unix/shell.html

09/25/2001 - Neale Ferguson posted a pointer to an interview (for lack of a better word) with Jimmy Lee, Director of Professional Services at Equant. The title of it is "Profiting from Open Source - How Equant Teams up with IBM to Deliver Mainframe Linux Solutions."

09/27/2001 - Richard Hitt posted a pointer to a book on RPM titled "Maximum RPM - Taking the Red Hat Package Manager to the Limit." Anyone who wants to learn more about RPM and how to use it effectively should take a look.

09/28/2001 - Sendmail announces their new software suite for Linux/390.

09/28/2001 - Bill Hilf gave a pointer to a guide on writing CGI scripts in REXX and Perl.

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