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07/05/2001 - A PDF format version of the list of software packages is now available. This is the equivalent of the consolidated listing, and is 2.4MB in size. The contents are not likely to change, but it is marked "preliminary," and will remain that way until the rest of the Redbook is finalized. It can be found at

07/10/2001 - Rob van der Heij reports: "My console was flooded with free_skb error msgs when I used the 2.4.5 kernel sources with the published patch. Adding the following one on top made them go away for me. ymmv. Rob"

07/10/2001 - Good news for Scott Courtney, Sine Nomine Associates, and Linux/390! According to a posting to the mailing list from David Boyes, Scott will be going to work at Sine Nomine. We're pleased that he's found a new home in such good company.

07/10/2001 - There's a new Linux/390 IBM Redpiece/Redbook out! The preliminary version (hence the Redpiece name) of "Linux for z/Series and S/390: Distributions, SG24-6264" is now available on IBM's Redbook web site. According to Mike MacIsaac, the lead author, "The book is not in the greatest shape, but still hopefully good enough to be useful. We'll still be updating at least Planning, Preparation, Suse Install and Conclusion chapters. Then the book will be edited and published (by September hopefully). Feedback to me is welcome. Enjoy!"
A word of warning: the book is 650 pages, and 9.5MB in size.
http://publib-b.boulder.ibm.com/Redbooks.nsf/RedpieceAbstracts/sg246264.html - Abstract
http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redpieces/pdfs/sg246264.pdf - book

07/11/2001 - The results of Lionel Dyck's Linux/390 survey is now hosted on this site. In the hopes that future surveys will be taken and the results put here, a permanent link to the current one has been put under the "Community" header on the left of the page. You will need software that can interpret MS Excel spreadsheets to be able to read it.

07/24/2001 - Jim Sibley has updated his article on "OSA cards for Linux - Practical Notes." The new version is now here on the web site. You can find it at:

07/20/2001 - In a note to the mailing list, Richard Higson reported "debian.s390.org is running on a box sponsored by www.millenux.com (aka the makers of ThinkBlue and ThinkBlue64), and this is a good opportunity to publicly thank them for providing CPU, DASD and Bandwidth to the Debian for S/390 project. Thanks, guys"

07/25/2001 - Despina Papadopoulou of IBM's Linux for eServer Development group posted the following: "recommended alpha patches for linux-2.2.16 and experimental patches for linux-2.2.19 are now available on developerWorks. For a summary of the updates please visit the What's new section:"
The full note is at: http://www.marist.edu/htbin/wlvtype?LINUX-VM.17694

07/26/2001 - Jim Sibley has donated a page on "S/390 NFS Post Box for remote hosts (postbox)." The abstract reads, in part, "Often, you need to update files or execute commands on some or all of your Linux hosts. ... Using an NFS server, you can set up a simple postbox system to issue the necessary commands automatically on all or only certain hosts." The article is here:


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