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06/26/2001 - I've created a listing of all the software packages that are included in the various Linux/390 distributions. There is a (large) consolidated listing, and then five others broken down by distribution. These are still fairly large, so I've indicated their size. The pointer to them is under the "Information" header as "Distribution Contents" (on the left side of the page). Hopefully this will answer a lot of the questions in the mailing list about what is included in which distributions.

06/29/2001 - Infocrossing, Inc., a provider of complex managed hosting services and infrastructure outsourcing solutions, today announced that it became among the first managed services providers to host Linux virtual servers on an IBM mainframe.

Company executives say they can offer cost savings of up to 90% to companies currently hosting their own servers. Infocrossing uses the VM operating system to manage up to 50,000 Linux servers on a single S/390 server, providing a dramatic reduction in operating costs because only one hardware platform needs to be operated and maintained regardless of the number of servers that are being run.


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