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05/09/2001 - The (relatively) big news this week was that IBM's Linux Community Development System (LCDS) was finally available to the public. Scott Courtney wrote an article about it that appeared on Enterprise Linux Today web site. Mark Post wrote an update to it, based on his experiences so far. At Scott's request, he put a copy of it as a 'Talkback' on the Linux Today web site. Since the first update, Mark has reported that email inbound to his LCDS system is now working.
A First Look at IBM's Linux Community Development System
LCDS Update

05/16/2001 - Ross Patterson has donated his presentation on "User Experiences with Linux for System/390" that he gave at the VM/VSE Technical Conference. It is in PowerPoint format, so you will need something that can process those types of files.

05/19/2001 - One of Linux/390's greatest allies announced this week that he was being laid off. Scott Courtney, who has been a very prolific writer about Linux/390, announced that as of June 29, 2001, he would no longer be employed by internet.com. Scott has written some of the best and most widely-quoted articles on this platform. We all wish him the best in his search for a new job. In particular, we hope that he finds a way to keep writing about our favorite combination of hardware and operating system.

05/22/2001 - Jim Sibley has granted his permission to post his article on "OSA cards for Linux - Practical Notes" on the web site. You can find it here:


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