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04/10/2001 - Richard Higson has written a step-by-step demonstration of building a logical volume using LVM on Linux/390. Note that his page uses frames so that you can read what he did, and at the same time see the actual commands and resulting output in the second frame.

04/16/2001 - IBM has fixed the 100Hz timer pop problem for the S/390 architecture. This will make running thousands of instances of Linux/390 under VM feasible without manually tweaking the code.

04/18/2001 - I've uploaded the presentation I gave to the Metro Detroit Linux User's Group on 04/17/2001. It is in native HTML format with jpeg images, so no proprietary software should be needed to view it.

Due to the conversion from PowerPoint to jpeg, and the reduction in size, some of the slides may be difficult to read. Clicking on the 'text' button will give you access to the text-only version of that slide for easier reading.

04/29/2001 - If you're really interested, the MDLUG website has a Real Audio file of the entire presentation. The video isn't bad, but the sound is very low, so you will really have to crank up your volume to hear it well. One word of warning, though... The presentation is 2 hours long.

04/29/2001 - Richard Higson posted a couple of bash scripts that he uses quite a bit to copy entire directory trees/disk partitions from one place to another, using pipes. One is for copying within a single machine, and the other is for copying from one machine to another. (Richard, forgive me for changing the name of tar2remote and adding a '.sh' to the end of them. This was needed to keep within the 8.8 naming scheme, and to have an ending extension that the web server mime types understand.)


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