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Linux for Big Iron

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"For one thing, Linux could be made to run on every IBM platform. But equally as important in Big Blue's strategy is the realization that if Linux gains enough momentum, it will derail Sun's position with Solaris and level the playing field in Unix servers. At that point, it's merely a question of choosing your hardware, and IBM can throw a big array of Linux servers at any business problem - everything from a mainframe to a Netfinity PC using standard Intel components."
Will IBM Eclipse Sun?

"IBM has announced the availability of Linux for the S/390 server as it ships the mainframe system without its native operating system for the first time. "
VNU Net: IBM ships Linux for S/390 server

"The move merges the openness and flexibility of the Linux application environment with the scalability, reliability and security of the S/390 hardware platform, says Greg Burke, VP of IBM's division for Linux S/390."
Linux Graduates to Mainframes

"Doug Neilson, systems consultant at IBM Enterprise Servers division, told silicon.com the move is about deploying the applications of Linux in the mainframe environment to take advantage of the reliability of that platform."
IBM Scales Linux to S/390 Platform

"There has been cooperation between the Linux kernel team and IBM as well, with Alan Cox being a regular participant on the Linux for S/390 e-mail list at Marist College. The architecture-dependent features needed to support Linux for S/390 are being merged into both 2.2.x and 2.3.x kernel trees. "
It's Official: IBM Announces Linux for the S/390

"With Wednesday's announcement, two independent software vendors -- Computer Associates and BMC Software -- also committed their support to IBM's Linux push with plans to develop an array of software designed to run on the Linux-powered S/390 servers."
IBM embraces Linux on the mainframe

"Nonetheless, because the mainframe requires almost no maintenance and is easy to set up and configure, a single expensive machine running multiple copies of Linux is more cost-effective than hundreds of inexpensive boxes running Linux. "
Big Iron to Stage a Comeback

"With the S/390 platform, IBM's mainframe architecture forms the backbone for business data and transaction servers. Mission-critical applications for enterprise systems that require the traditional strength of the S/390 platform - unmatched in reliability, security, scalability and availability - can operate on SuSE Linux for S/390, complemented by other new applications built to run on Linux. "
SuSE Linux Debuts On IBM X/390, Offering True Cross Platform Support

"The formal availability of Linux for the S/390 platform is really a re-vitalization of the S/390 platform and mainframes in general, said Greg Burke, vice president of Linux for S/390. "
S/390 Meets Linux

"New IBM software products, available later this year, will provide high-speed connections between Linux applications and S/390 data, transaction, and messaging services; data management and web-serving capabilities for Linux applications; Java; and Tivoli management support. "
IBM e-business Software For Linux for S/390

"SuSE's HA architect Volker Weigand tells us that in addition to infrastructure uses such as running Apache or sendmail servers, he had customers waiting to evaluate it running SAP R/3. "It's just another platform for us that doesn't require special treatment" says Weigand. "
Linux goes Big Iron

"BMC Software will continue to deliver solutions for Linux for S/390 as the market matures and customer needs change. BMC Software will announce its future roadmap for its Linux for S/390 solution at Assurance 2000 Conference on Tuesday, May 23rd."
BMC Software Develops Industry's First Systems Management Solution on Linux for S/390

"According to a company statement, IBM's decision to provide support for Linux for S/390 is a key element of the company's application sourcing strategy -- a plan to allow users the freedom to choose operating systems, middleware and programming languages that are best suited to their crucial e-business applications."
IBM and Linux: A Test of Metal

"Linux on mainframes? Crazier things have happened. Still, for an operating system that has built its reputation in the low-cost server market, the jump to big iron offers interesting evidence of market forces at play. "
A big step: Linux on mainframes

"Contrary to common perceptions, OSS development is often tightly controlled. In addition, the availability of the source code and the requirement to share modifications promote longer-term viability, reduce the entry barriers for those offering services and support, and discourage Balkanization. We recommend that IS organizations that currently exclude all OSS from their acquisition plans should reexamine this policy."
Debunking Open-Source Myths: Development and Support

"According to Betzler, a major advantage of Linux on S/390 is the access that mainframe users will have to the applications being written for Linux. Major software developers like BMC Software, AG and Computer Associates are supporting the effort with applications available for Linux for S/390. "
IBM's S/390: Smells Like Linux Spirit

"IBM is donating technology, code, and skills to the Linux community. In addition to contributing technology to various open source projects, IBM is focused on ensuring that Linux becomes a viable enterprise operating system platform capable of running applications that require high availability and scalability. Presently, IBM has more software engineers (over 50) engaged with Linux kernel projects than most, if not all, of the Linux distributors. An important by-product of IBM's focus on Linux and the development of Linux for S/390 is the depth of the pool of software engineers able to contribute in areas of scalability, reliability, availability and serviceability."
Linux for S/390: A Perspective for Executives

"While mainframes are the heart of many e-businesses, the ability to port Linux to IBM's System 390 could breed a new class of applications, while giving many shops extended utilization of the systems."
Linux Gets Ready For Mainframes

"If Linux is going to make it to behind that glass wall then it will be piggy backing on vendors such as IBM under the reassuring umbrella of corporate support and maintenance agreements. Maybe the first live implementation of Linux on the mainframe will be the turning point."
Linux hits the glass wall of the computer room

"IBM bestowed its official seal of approval on Linux for the S/390 mainframe in May, giving a boost to a platform that has been in use informally since January of this year. While IBM's recognition of the port as a fully-supported IBM product should boost acceptance of Linux S/390, Linux as a mainframe operating system still has a ways to go before it is widely accepted. "
Mainframe Users Like Running Linux, but Management Still Cautious

"So think Apache, and web site applications running directly on the same 99.999 availability box as the transactional systems that execute the web transactions. (And by the way, IBM mainframe 99.999 is a real deliverable figure, not an unsupported marketing fiction). "
IBM Pushes Linux Into The Corporation

"In the first in a three-part series on the Linux port to IBM's S/390, Neale Ferguson introduces the S/390 architecture and describes the byzantine development of the VM/ESA operating system. The second installment will examine the technical details of the port and how it came about. The third part will show Linux for S/390 in action."
The iron penguin, Part 1

"As Linux grew in popularity, the general population of computer programmers and administrators became Linux literate. This was also true in the S/390 world. There was even envy within the VM community; Linux was developing in the way VM's proponents had hoped their operating system would grow before IBM's Object Code Only (OCO) and Object Code Maintained (OCM) policies, both described in the first part of this series, crippled the community's ability to contribute. The skill base, the technology, and the application base within the Linux world are all highly attractive to any organization that wishes to keep growing."
Linux for S/390, Part 2: Building the iron penguin

"So far, many of the mainframe users appear to be just kicking the tires. The Toronto Transit Commission, for example, is evaluating Linux for a number of uses. As part of the evaluation, Peter Webb, a technical support analyst at the Transit Commission, has been running Linux on the organization's IBM mainframe, a Multiprise 2003-225, since January 2000. Webb hopes his test system will encourage the Transit Commission to consider the mainframe as a platform for Linux. "
Linux on big iron

"The most dramatic example of Linux's move up the enterprise food chain is the debut earlier this year of Linux for IBM's System 390 mainframes. With IBM's blessing and support, corporate IT departments can now run Linux apps on their big iron, using the available mainframe processing cycles even more cost-efficiently to meet the company's e-business requirements."
Linux Bulks Up For High End

"In the final article of this three-part series on the Linux port to IBM's S/390, Neale Ferguson demonstrates Linux for S/390 in action and describes some of the many applications that already run on this port. "
The iron penguin, Part 3: Linux for S/390 in action


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