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Choosing Between Linux/390 and AIX

This information was originally posted to the Linux-390 mailing list on October 4, 2002, by David Boyes.

  Criteria Linux/390 AIX
1. Is the application CPU intensive in any way?   X
2. Does the application make extensive use of Java?   X
3. Does the application scale horizontally? X  
4. Does the application require high-performance networking?   X
5. Does the application require extensive graphics capability?   X
6. Does the application require large data volume manipulation? X X
7. Does the application require extensive access to z/OS hosted data? X  
8. Do multiple copies of the application need to coexist? X  
9. Is time to delivery a critical component of the application? X  

With the exception of #6 (which is usually a tie breaker), you should be able to count the yes/no answers and decide pretty easily.

If you're looking for advice on Linux/Intel and AIX, most of the same questions apply, but I tend to lean much further toward Linux/Intel because of the lower entry cost. When it's discrete box vs discrete box, the difference in maintenance costs and operations costs are fairly small, and there are certain problems that favor the vector orientation of the PowerPC, but they're pretty specialized. With respect to the virtualization possibilities, VMWare-GSX/ESX on Intel are quite a bit more flexible than the LPAR scheme in the Regattas, but is a lot pickier about hardware selection (although it you're staying with name-brand hardware, this probably isn't a huge deal).

There are some sub-categores I use for specific apps that would push one way or another.

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