>  Would you explain what we'll find in these tarballs?

The tarball comprises the patch to the Linux kernel sources (2.2.14 as of Feb.
20) and an outdated Readme. The patch concerns the use of the follwing 13

        71:   MS -- Multiply Single
        84:   BRXH -- Branch Relative on Index High
        85:   BRXLE -- Branch Relative on Index Low or Equal
        A7x0: TMH -- Test under Mask High
        A7x1: TML -- Test under Mask Low
        A7x4: BRC -- Branch Relative on Condition
        A7x5: BRAS -- Branch Relative And Save
        A7x6: BRCT -- Branch Relative on Count
        A7x8: LHI -- Load Halfword Immediate
        A7xA: AHI -- Add Halfword Immediate
        A7xC: MHI -- Multiply Halfword Immediate
        A7xE: CHI -- Compare Halfword Immediate
        B251: MSR -- Multiply Single Register

comprising the Halfword Immediate and Relative Branch Feature.

1.These instructions are removed from the IPL (head.S et alibi) and FLIH

An exit is added to the Program FLIH to simulate these instructions,
when they cause an operation exception (code 1 aka 0C1) (vintage.c).

2. A Perl script is added to the tools directory (vintage/nqbtr.pl) that acts
as a wrapper for $(CC) and $(AS) and rewrites the assembler code as it comes
from the compilation or preprocessing stages of GCC and then has it assembled.
(Say, AHI r7,500 becomes LH r7,.Lit_123-.LPG4(13), etc. ) This is a purely
mechanical process, which works, however, in most cases.

3. Associated changes to makefiles, header files, mostly because of an assembler bug, etc.

4. Missing yet are documentation, test programs, and many refinements, for the moment.

The kernels are gzipped images like those found at the Marist site. But don't expect to much.