Understanding Linux® Performance on that "old" workhorse...the Mainframe


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Linux on S/390 & zSeries Overview/Positioning

What is Linux?

What is Linux for S/390?

Why Linux for S/390?

S/390 Application Sourcing Strategy

Options for Executing Linux on S/390 & zSeries

Options for executing Linux

IBM Integrated Facility for Linux

Virtual Image Facility for Linux


Understanding Linux Performance

Processor Design

Base Processor Design

Processor Performance

Linux Impact on Processor Performance

Performance Futures

Impact of Linux on S/390 Positioning

How customers are using Linux for S/390

System initialization & bring up

Capacity Management at the box level

Linux under VM/Virtual Image Facility

Communication options


Capacity Planning

But isn't Linux 2.2 SMP scalability limited to a 4 way??

Free Z


Product Vendors ..... or ..... Open Source

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Some important web sites

Author: John Eilert

IBM Corporation


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